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Danvers, MA

I've been photographing musicians and bands for 15 years in studio, at shows, and for press media. My experiences have landed me some awesome opportunities, such as Farm Aid, the NEMO music festival and other national acts. In my early days, I frequently contributed to New England Performer Magazine, a non-paying gig that increased my repertoire and experience shooting on location. You could call it an internship! After moving on from the magazine, and taking a brief hiatus to concentrate on expanding my photographic interests in portraiture I am currently working with a more local base on the North Shore and Boston.

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Image ©Amy Peabody 2016

Image ©Amy Peabody 2016


about me

Troublemaker Photography is proud to help capture the moments that matter. From "I do", to "Brand New", and everything in between, let's document and preserve these memories together!

I have been photographing professionally since 2005. I started my journey capturing live music, performance, and media work in New England, mostly in the Boston/North Shore Massachusetts/Southern New Hampshire areas. The name Troublemaker Photography hails from my early experience working with bands, where clients would see me, and playfully jest, "Here comes the troublemaker!" The name stuck, and even after all this time, some of my former clients only know me as "Troublemaker". These days, I prefer to go by my given name, so Marianne is fine!

I have a background in science, and worked in the field while pursuing photography on a part time basis, until I made the decision to go full time in 2016. I believe that there is as much science as art in photography, and in my opinion, science and art go together like bees and honey, and in my life they are symbiotic.

After some time, I expanded to include family photography. My real love of photographing children and newborns came with the arrival of my nephew and nieces, and has only grown since! I have also found a love of wedding photography, and spend a great deal of time watching beautiful couples blossom from newly engaged to married, and often follow along with them on their journeys from newlyweds to parents. I absolutely adore watching these children grow, and their parents along with them!

I am a proud member of the Professional Photographers of America. I have a newborn "safety first" policy, and my studio is a sponsor of StandInBaby™, the first fully articulated training doll specifically designed for newborn photographers.

I dedicate countless hours to classroom and workshop training, as well as second shooting weddings with other industry professionals, so that I am constantly improving and learning, and I can deliver the best possible images I can create. I believe that the quality of images truly matters, and you will never get less than my absolute best!

Prints and products are so important, and that's why I encourage all of my clients to look beyond the digital negative. Don't let those memories live on your hard drive! SO much work and love goes into crafting these moments with you, and that deserves to be showcased. Whether you have a wall display in mind, or you need help deciding how to feature your memories, I can guide you from start to finish.

I love to receive feedback from my clients! Share a review of Facebook, or some kind words through email. A happy client makes my heart sing with pride and joy, and I want to make sure all of my clients, big or small, have a wonderful experience. Your happiness is my top priority, always!

The "everyday me" is very introverted, though I can talk your ear off if you catch me at the right moment. I'm terrible at talking about myself, and this "about me" page took two years for me to be brave enough to post (with updates, of course.) I learned to shoot and develop film at the same time digital was becoming popular and available. Someday I feel like I will be able to talk about how exciting that was with younger generations! I do still occasionally shoot with film for personal projects. I have a large collection of vintage cameras, and someday, I hope to put them all back to work!  In my free time, I love to grow things, and I have a large garden that I tend as long as the New England weather lets me. I have a cat named Kodi (short for Kodiak Little Bear, her full name). She's spoiled rotten! I'm a lover of Haribo gummy anything, especially the imported German varieties (there IS a difference!), spicy food, dark beers, summertime, the ocean, and music, of course!